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Slides for my Talk on Asset Fingerprinting with PHP

I recently held a talk at the Berlin PHP user group meetup on “Asset Fingerprinting and Cache Busting with PHP”. Asset fingerprinting is an approach taken from Rails that allows you to set far-future cache expiry dates for static files and still have the browser re-load them whenever they change. In my talk I show how you can do that with PHP. There’s also some demo code on GitHub.

Here are the slides, have fun!

You cannot learn the “wrong” language

A friend of mine is considering a career change. After his Ph.D. in Physics, he thinks of becoming a developer. As he has a thorough grounding in mathematics and algorithms and some programming experience in C and Fortran, this is certainly a sound idea. He can make the jump with a little discipline and devotion. His only problem is that he is overwhelmed with the plethora of programming languages and technologies out there. He is agonizing over which one to choose, lest he puts a damper on his new career in IT from the start.

When he asked me about his conundrum, I laughed outright in his face. Continue reading