Monthly Archives: July 2008

Firefox 3 with Mozilla Weave – and on my own server, too

Weave LogoToday I finally upgraded to Firefox 3. The speed difference is incredible. I also hope that FF2’s atrocious memory leak problems are indeed a thing of the past.

What held me back so long was the missing support for Google Browser Sync, which I’ve come to rely upon heavily, because it ensures a smooth transition between my various computers. Fortunately, something similar is emerging for FF3: Mozilla Weave. It’s still in early alpha and very buggy, but it looks promising.

I had signed up a few days ago, but I had forgotten my encryption passphrase, but fortunately I was able to delete my Weave profile data with the help of this tip from Lars Tackmann.

There was still the problem that the Mozilla Weave server is very slow and often overloaded. Then I learned that you can host the service elsewhere. Good thing that I just got my own server from!

Using Remco Bressers tutorial, I had a Weave account running on my own server in no time, and it performs much better, too.