The Delays – my current feel-good hymn

The DelaysThe Delays have a new album out: You See Colours. It not as bad as I feared, in fact I quite like it. Judging from some live appearances I heard and some earlier singles and b-sides, I was worried they would go for a more indie rock/ new wave oriented, i.e. more “contemporary” sound, maybe to reach a wider audience. Well, the new album does feature some heavier electronic riffs, and one or two tracks lean a bit more towards the dancefloor. Fortunately though, they have mostly retained their trademark atmospheric sound. The first track, “You and Me”, has even developed into my current feel-good hymn. The band is playing at the Magnet on March 29th , and I think this time I will be there (missed them several times already). Maybe I’ll use the chance to get one of their slick Tees as well.